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– Dave –

To The Present & Future Customers of We Know IT,

It is a pleasure to write a testimonial for Rich Kowalske, and the Team at We Know IT as I have worked with them for many years. While working on projects or trouble tickets, they perform above and beyond the high standards required here at my organization. Their ambition and standards are at the highest level of any company that we have worked with and the employees exhibit a number of outstanding traits:

Vision: They see and understand the customers’ needs, while being very detail oriented, and envisioning the big picture.

Communication: The team exemplifies exceptional communication and people skills. They never make a user feel inferior or embarrassed as they communicate at a level of understanding and not overpowering.

Innovative: They are never afraid of trying out new ideas to improve the quality or efficiency of their work .

Flexibility & Optimism: Their employees will do whatever it takes to get the work done. Whatever and whenever the customer needs the work to be completed, We Know IT is there. They see challenges as opportunities for solutions.

Rich & the Team at We Know IT are well-known and admired in our organization because of their positive attitude, work ethics, and exceptional customer service. In my years at this organization, I have worked with many contractors; only a few exemplified such a high level of professionalism and integrity. We Know IT is one of them.